Whatcom Hoops Girls Top 30: #25 Aliesha Solomon

In a season filled with outstanding players, Whatcom Hoops is ranking the top 30 girls. Each day we’ll feature an amazing player in our county and count down until we get to #1. So join us daily as we honor the best of the best.


Aliesha Solomon, senior, Lummi Nation

WHY SHE’S #25: Like her first cousin Raven Solomon, Aliesha has been on the varsity since eighth grade helping the Lady Blackhawks reach the tri-district tournament all four seasons (COVID canceled one year) and state once. Her ability to run the court and shoot outside made her the team’s top offensive threat, scoring nearly 14 points a game. Although mostly a shooting guard, she used her past experience to be a second point guard and make the Blackhawks almost impossible to press.

COACH KRISTA MAHLE: “Aliesha’s skill level and capacity to use both her left and right hand made her a threat against any team we faced. Being able to drive and shoot with either hand and take over the point guard position when the pressure was on in a game made a huge impact on our team this year.”

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