Whatcom Hoops Boys Top 30: #29 Bishop Ootsey

In an incredible season filled with outstanding players, Whatcom Hoops is ranking the top 30 boys. Each day we’ll feature an amazing player in our county and count down until we get to #1. So join us daily as we honor the best of the best.


Bishop Ootsey, senior, Ferndale

WHY HE’S #29: The quarterback on the gridiron was also the Golden Eagles’ quarterback on the hardwood. The 5-foot-10 point guard was among the league leaders with 4.4 assists per game while also averaging 9.5 points a game and 1.6 steals on defense.

COACH LUKE DuCHESNE: “Bishop is a coach on the court and consistently did the right thing. He was a solid pass-first point guard for us as he was always looking to set up his teammates and make good, quick decisions in the fastbreak. He was among the best in the county at passing and also was a solid rebounder for us at the guard position. His leadership and passing ability will be missed.”

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#30: Carter Hill, Mount Baker

Honorable mentions

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Jim Carberry of Whatcom Hoops

Jim Carberry is a former Bellingham Herald sports editor and author of several books on Whatcom County prep basketball. Follow him on Twitter @whatcomhoops and visit the Whatcom Hoops Facebook page.

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